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Who has No Recourse to Public Funds?

NRPF can apply to people with a wide range of immigration statuses. This includes people:

  • who are in the UK on a visa that is subject to the NRPF condition;
  • who have applied for asylum or another form of protection in the UK;
  • who are an adult dependent relative of a British citizen or person with settled status in the UK; 
  • who do not have permission to remain in the UK.

At the time of writing this could be:

  • Students, workers and people with spousal visas who have leave to remain subject to NRPF conditions;
  • People who have overstayed their visas, and appeal rights exhausted (ARE) asylum seekers, who no longer have leave to remain but are unable to return home and require assistance from the local authority; and
  • EEA and Swiss citizens who have been refused or are ineligible for Settled Status