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About The Ending Destitution Together Strategy

In 2021 Scottish Government and COSLA published ‘Ending Destitution Together’. This is the first strategy of its kind and sets out the ambition to ensure that people living in communities across Scotland do not experience destitution because of their immigration status.

The strategy will initially run for three years (until 2024). It is being delivered as a partnership between COSLA and the Scottish Government. The strategy seeks to support wider partnerships with the third sector and civil society. It has a focus on identifying and implementing practical actions in the short term that can increase available support for people who are destitute, at a national and local level.

The vision for the strategy is to create a Scotland where ‘No one is forced into destitution and everyone has their human rights protected, regardless of their immigration status.’ It takes a human rights-based approach and recognises the fundamental right to an adequate standard of living.

The strategy aims to provide a basic safety net in times of crisis; access to advice and advocacy; and to ensure inclusive approaches to support people and communities

You can read the strategy here.