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National Action Plan

Improving the lives of our Gypsy/Traveller communities is a significant human-rights commitment for Scottish Government and COSLA and is crucial to delivering a fairer Scotland.

The national action plan was published in 2019 to address these inequalities and sets out work on five themes to improve outcomes for the communities:

  • More and better accommodation
  • Improving access to public services
  • Better incomes in and out of work
  • Tackling racism and discrimination
  • Improving Gypsy/Traveller representation

The initial actions in the plan have been developed with the advice, support and challenge of advocates, activists and members of the Gypsy/Traveller communities with delivery of priorities being adapted in response to feedback received through community conversations, cross party and ministerial working groups.

For more information see Improving the Lives of Gypsy/Travellers