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Policy Context

Immigration law, including NRPF policy, is set by the UK Government and reserved to the UK Parliament, with significant implications for devolved policy and services in Scotland. 

Through the Ending Destitution Together Strategy politicians in Scotland have recognised the need to work together, across national and local government, to support vulnerable people with NRPF and to make sure that they do not become destitute.

COSLA conducts an annual survey of Scottish Local Authorities on NRPF cases and the costs to councils of providing assistance.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic, COSLA Leaders agreed to prioritise the protection of public health and human rights for all people, regardless of their nationality, main country of residence or immigration status. For more information see Covid-19 Recovery Framework

The NRPF policy is set by the UK Government and policy changes affect individuals and communities across the UK. For more information see the NRPF Network website.