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COSLA works closely with local authorities, and other key partners such as Education Scotland and Scottish Government, to ensure that ESOL provision across Scotland best meets the needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. 

As hosts of the Scottish Strategic Migration Partnership, COSLA works closely with the Home Office and other regions across the UK to ensure issues faced at regional levels can be raised and addressed nationally, allowing regions to work together to share best practice and resources.

COSLA owns and moderates a collaborative and sharing online community where local authority ESOL practitioners and tutors can post questions and share resources that aid ESOL provision all across Scotland. You can join the group HERE

COSLA has championed the role of local authorities in providing ESOL lessons to aid the integration of refugees and migrants, and ensures the sector is well represented at a national level.  

If you are a refugee, asylum seeker or migrant who requires ESOL lessons, please contact your local authority. You can find your local authority here – Find your local council – GOV.UK (

For more information please contact Meg Robertson, our ESOL Policy Officer, at

Case Studies

Research Scotland - 2017

In early 2017 COSLA commissioned Research Scotland to deliver learning and support for those delivering and planning English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for adults who have been resettled in Scotland through current refugee resettlement schemes. The project involved a series of four regional learning events which brought together those involved in the planning or delivery of ESOL within the resettlement schemes to explore and share their experiences and practice. This resulted in:

  • a national learning event held in October 2017 to share the draft guide, and further enable learning amongst practitioners at a national level 
  • The finalised ESOL for refugees guidance was published in December 2017. It brings together learning from the four regional events, and discussions with ESOL practitioners, strategic leads, experts, and learners to provide advice and examples that you might find useful if you are planning or delivering ESOL for refugees who have been resettled in Scotland, including through the Syrian Resettlement Programme (SRP) or the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Programme (VCRS). Practitioners have emphasised that many of the lessons discussed in relation to refugee adults being resettled in Scotland can be applied to other groups of learners too.