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The rights of EEA Nationals have changed considerably since the UK Exit from the EU.  The Home Office has put in place arrangements to enable those with reasonable grounds for missing the deadline to make a late EUSS application. People with a Late or Pending EUSS Application may, however, require support from the local authority in the interim to prevent destitution.

Providing support to EEA Nationals without Settled Status is a complex area, and local authorities will need to maintain an up to date understanding of the implications of different statuses and individual circumstances for the provision of local authority services, in particular housing and homelessness services.

Good practice continues to be to support people whilst assessments are undertaken regarding eligibility for homelessness assistance, for example if their status is unclear and if there is reasonable doubt as to whether or not someone has recourse to public funds and/or entitlements to support.

More information can be found below: 

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