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COSLA is working in partnership with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to provide Scotland-wide assistance to local authorities in supporting some of the most vulnerable EU, EEA citizens and family members to access the EUSS.  IOM is an OISC Level 3 Immigration accredited organisation so can take on the most complex and vulnerable cases.

We are finding that the support that is now required are for some of the most vulnerable individuals and are some of the most complex cases.  The need for support can be summarised as follows:

  • Late applications for vulnerable people who were not able to submit EUSS applications in time due to reasons, such as lack of awareness of the Scheme and the need to apply, lack of required documentation, lack of access to legal representation, and additional complexities.
  • Moving from pre-settled to settled status – individuals who were previously supported with their Pre-Settled Status application, and who will become eligible for Settled status, and will need support once again to complete the new application to update their immigration status. 
  • Existing pending applications – continuation of support for vulnerable beneficiaries with existing pending applications, which due to the processing backlog and other matters, may likely remain pending for extended periods of time. 

Please contact COSLA for further information on this service.