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The Ending Destitution Together strategy focuses on the role of public services and wider community support in helping people with No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF).

The national approach aims to strengthen the provision of statutory support for families with children and adults with care needs and to work in partnership with the third sector and wider civil society to develop alternative safety nets within communities for adults who are not eligible for local authority support because of their immigration status

It also aims to improve the availability of qualified immigration advice that can help people with NRPF to address immigration status issues as well as remove barriers to accessing other public services.

The strategy will support routes into sustainable employment for people with permission to work, enabling them to pursue their ambitions and support themselves and their families. It will build skills and capacity across the public and third sectors to understand the risks of destitution and to design and deliver holistic services for people with NRPF.

You can read the strategy here.