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COSLA and Scottish Government are working together to improve the provision of culturally appropriate accommodation for Gypsy/Travellers.

COSLA has published a report on projects that have been delivered by local authorities to improve living standards on Gypsy/Traveller sites using a £2m fund that was created at the start of the action plan.

A further £20 million Gypsy/Traveller Accommodation Fund has been established over 5 years – 2021-26 with projects being jointly funded by Local Authorities. The Gypsy/Traveller Accommodation Fund has been set up to deliver good quality local authority sites with the initial ‘demonstration projects’ providing examples of how to design more and better accommodation for the community.

Aberdeen City Council, Clackmannanshire Council and Fife Council are the first councils to receive funding to develop sites. Each site will be developed with residents, taking into account their needs and preferences.

You can read more about the fund here.

A Site Design Guide has been created to raise standards and produce good quality modern Gypsy/Traveller accommodation.

COSLA is working with local authorities to support the participation of residents in creating more and better accommodation. Work is also underway with Scottish Government and COSLA to improve the way that Gypsy/Travellers accommodation needs and demands are understood and met by local authorities as part of Housing 2040