Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) Papers

Scotland’s Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) is a multi-agency group made up of senior representatives of the three spheres of government in Scotland and other key organisations, which meets three times per year to provide strategic oversight to migration issues in Scotland.

The SMP's purpose:

  • To provide strategic oversight of migration issues through discussion and debate with the aim of improving policy development and service delivery across the public and voluntary sector in Scotland;
  • To provide an expert advisory and consultative body on migration issues in Scotland; and
  • To support the development of relationships at a strategic level and promote joint working across the sector.

The SMP's remit covers strategic issues in relation to the following policy areas:

  • Managed migration, including family migration and migration for work and study;
  • Refugee resettlement, humanitarian protection schemes and asylum dispersal;
  • Supporting the integration of migrants in Scotland’s communities;
  • The rights, entitlements and responsibilities of migrants including refugees and asylum seekers;
  • The impact of Brexit on migration to Scotland and on the lives of migrants in Scotland;
  • Population change within Scotland and the role of migration in social and economic development; and
  • The elimination of human trafficking and exploitation in Scotland.

SMP meeting papers 

These reports reflect the discussions of the group – they do not necessarily constitute COSLA policy.

19-03-22 - SMP meeting summary on 'Preparing for a post-Brexit immigration system'

18-11-29 - SMP meeting summary on asylum dispersal in Scotland

Last updated: 20 May 2019