COSLA Leads have reaffirmed Scottish Local Governments commitment to do all we can to support people in the current Afghan humanitarian crisis.


Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme (also known as ARAP – Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy).

The UK Government has introduced the Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme. This was set up to provide safe passage to the UK for those who worked with British Forces in Afghanistan. Participating LAs are funded to provide accommodation and integration support for 12 months. There is additional funding to address the gap in rentals for larger properties. Further details on the scheme can be found here - Afghan locally employed staff - relocation schemes (

Through the Afghan Locally Employed Staff Relocation Scheme, Scottish local authorities have already stepped up at very short notice and are playing a disproportionate role in the efforts to accommodate the new arrivals.

Participating local authorities are sourcing suitable accommodation across Scotland for families and will also provide integration support, access to school education, health services and ESOL as well as other support to enable families to make their new home in Scotland.


Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme

The UK Government have also announced the Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme, in which the UK Government committed to bringing 20,000 Afghans to the UK over the coming years and 5,000 people in the first year. There have not been any details realised on this scheme yet. The latest update from the UK Government is at Bespoke resettlement route for Afghan refugees announced - GOV.UK (



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