ESOL Provision

In early 2017 COSLA commissioned Research Scotland to deliver learning and support for those delivering and planning English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for adults who have been resettled in Scotland through current refugee resettlement schemes.

The project involved:

  • A series of four regional learning events which brought together those involved in the planning or delivery of ESOL within the resettlement schemes to explore and share their experiences and practice.  These took place in May 2017;
  • The development of a good practice guide in order to bring together learning from the four regional events, and discussions with individual practitioners, experts, and learners; and
  • A national learning event held in October 2017 to share the draft guide, and further enable learning amongst practitioners at a national level.

The finalised guidance was published in December 2017.  It  provides advice and examples that you might find useful if you are planning or delivering ESOL for refugees who have been resettled in Scotland, including through the Syrian Resettlement Programme (SRP) or the Vulnerable Children’s Resettlement Programme (VCRS). The guide is based on the experiences of ESOL practitioners, strategic leads, learners and relevant experts practising in Scotland.  Practitioners have emphasised that many of the lessons discussed in relation to refugee adults being resettled in Scotland can be applied to other groups of learners too.

COSLA appointed an ESOL Coordinator, Peter Broomfield, in December 2017 to build on the work undertaken by Research Scotland. You can contact Peter at

For more information...

See our ESOL services page on our Migration Policy Toolkit for more information.