COSLA and Scottish local authorities have consistently acknowledged and valued the social, cultural and economic benefits migrants bring to Scotland.  We also believe that Scotland should have a flexible immigration system that considers local area needs.  A key concern generated from Brexit is the very real possibility there will be a significant reduction in migration to Scotland from EU/EEA countries.  COSLA has made the case that such a reduction in migration will adversely impact on Scotland’s local authorities.

In particular, we are concerned about:

  • Demographics and the potential impact on local authorities’ ability to attract a young workforce and counteract our growing ageing population.
  • The impact on the labour market and local economies.
  • The effects of Brexit on integration and the rights and entitlements of EU/EEA citizens living in Scotland. 


In December 2017 we responded to the Migration Advisory Committee's call for evidence on EEA workers in the UK labour market in the light of Brexit.  You can download our response by clicking on the following link: COSLA MAC Response on EEA Workers (PDF).