Current Work

Some examples of the work we are currently engaged in are listed below: 

  • Ensuring that there is ongoing political engagement between UK Government, Scottish Government and local government in relation to both reserved and devolved approaches to migration;
  • Supporting local authorities to participate in the UK Government’s humanitarian protection programmes, including the Syrian Resettlement Programme;
  • Supporting the integration of refugees in Scotland through the implementation of the New Scots strategy;
  • Working with key partners to ensure that asylum dispersal to Scotland is delivered effectively and in a manner that meets the needs of asylum seekers;
  • Working with National Records of Scotland (NRS) and other partners to improve the quality of data and information on migration and the population more generally;
  • Working with academic colleagues to build an evidence base regarding the impacts of migration in Scotland;
  • Working with local authorities to improve our understanding of the rights and entitlements of migrants, including those who have no recourse to public funding;
  • Supporting the Home Office with their prevention of harm agenda;
  • Working with a range of partners to ensure that Scotland is a hostile environment for human traffickers and that victims are well supported;
  • Working to promote a culture of equality and human rights in Scottish local government.