Gypsy/Travellers papers

19-11-08 CWB board

The board provided comment on the draft Gypsy/Traveller Action Plan

18-12-17 - CWB Board

The Community Wellbeing Board were updated on COSLA’s ongoing work with partners to increase provision of accomodation for gypsy/travellers in Scotland.

18-09-21 - CWB Board The Community Wellbeing Board approved proposed priorities and suggested activities to increase provision of good quality accommodation for Gypsy/Travellers across Scotland. 

18-06-22 - CWB Board 

The Community Wellbeing Board were asked for their views on ways in which COSLA, and local government more broadly, can drive local leadership to improve outcomes for, and tackle racism and discrimination experienced by, Gypsy/Travellers.

18-03-11 - CWB Board

The Community Wellbeing Board approved a programme of work to engage with national policy developments

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