Brexit Papers

20-06-19 - CWB Board - Migration Advisory Committee Call for Evidence on Skills Shortages


19-11-08 - CWB Board - MAC salary threshold and points-based system commission: COSLA response to call for evidence. The response can be found here.


19-05-03 CWB Board - 'Stay in Scotland' Campaign 

The ‘Stay in Scotland’ campaign and package of support was launched by the First Minister on 5th April this year, to support EU citizens to remain in Scotland during and beyond the uncertainty associated with the UK’s exit from the EU.  COSLA has agreed to promote the materials that have been developed to support EU citizens to secure settled status.

19-02-23 - Leaders - Post-Brexit Immigration System

Leaders noted proposals in the 'EU Withdrawal' Bill and the future skills-based immigraiton system White Paaper; and endorsed COSLA's ongoing lobbying and engagement activities for a post-Brexit immigration systems that can meet Scottish Local Government's needs. 

18-12-17 - CWB Board - EU Settlement Scheme - Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups

The board discussed the vulnerable groups that COSLA may need to support; and were invited to share initial plans from their local authorities.

18-10-26 - Leaders -  Brexit Preparedness Local Government Workforce

Leaders were invited to:i. Note the interim findings from the Brexit workforce survey; ii.Discuss what information we need and can access to better prepare for the likely impact of Brexit on the Local Government workforce; and iii. Agree that their councils be invited to carry out further work to expand and refine the information required on our non-UK EU/EEA workforce.

18-08-31 - Leaders - EU Settlement Scheme

Leaders were invited to: i. Agree that COSLA continues to work with the Home Office and Scottish Government to support and inform EU citizens in our communities about the EU Settlement Scheme; ii. Agree that COSLA writes to the Home Secretary to ask for consideration of lowering or waiving fees for low-income households; iii. Agree that COSLA writes to the Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development to seek clarity on the Scottish Government’s commitment to pay the settled status fees of EU citizens working in the public sector in Scotland; and, agree that a paper on identifying and supporting vulnerable groups through the EU Settlement Scheme will be taken to the COSLA Community Wellbeing Board in the Autumn. 

18-05-04 - CWB Board - Brexit Settlement Process and Engagement

The Community Well Being Board were advised on recent COSLA activity relating to the settlement process and engement with EU citizens throughout Scotland.

17-11-24 - Leaders - Brexit Implications

Leaders received an update on recent COSLA activity on Brexit relating to future migration policy.

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