Scottish Government (2013a) New Scots: Integrating refugees in Scotland's communities


This publication outlines the Scottish government’s strategy for the support and integration of refugees and asylum-seekers in Scotland. The strategy was developed in conjunction with COSLA, the Scottish Refugee Council and a range of other support agencies with the aim to provide a framework for co-ordinating and maximising resources, to ultimately enable asylum seekers and refugees to rebuild their lives and make a full contribution to Scottish society. The strategy emphasises that integration characterised by a cohesive, multi-cultural community is in fact a two-way process that involves positive change both within newly arrived individuals and Scotland’s host communities. The document also provides a sizable amount of background information including policy context, housing, education, health, communities and social connections, employability and welfare rights. This strategy document provides a firm foundational framework for continuing work to make Scotland a more welcoming place for refugees and better facilitate their integration.

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Scottish Government (2013a) New Scots: Integrating Refugees in Scotland's Communities. Edinburgh: The Scottish Government.







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