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Age Assessment Guidance

This Age Assessment Practice Guidance for Scotland (PDF) is good practice guidance to support social workers, their managers and others involved in undertaking and contributing to age assessments in Scotland. 

Young people often arrive seeking asylum without any documentation showing their age. They may not know their age, or their appearance might make it hard to judge. Age Assessments are vital to ensure that they get the protection and support they need. 

This was produced in 2018 with our support. This Guidance is a revised and updated version of the original Age Assessment Practice Guidance: An Age Assessment Pathway for Social Workers in Scotland produced in 2012 by Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Refugee Council with contributions from COSLA, Edinburgh City Council, UK Border Agency and Legal Services Agency amongst others.

JustRight Scotland, together with the British Red Cross, have published a short guide on the initial stage of age assessment to assist local authorities in Scotland and improve practice in this area.

Age assessments are complex and the initial stage where workers meet a young person for the first time can be challenging. The guide could be a helpful tool for local authorities and it will provide clarity to social workers and, in the long term, improve practice and consistency throughout Scotland.