Poole and Adamson (2008) Report on the situation of the Roma community in Govanhill, Glasgow


This report by Poole and Adamson (2008) is published by Oxfam and jointly funded by the Glasgow South East Community Health and Care Partnership. The research underscores the position of the Roma as Europe’s most vulnerable and deprived ethnic group. The report concentrates on the Slovak Roma community living in Glasgow’s Govanhill area. The authors urge key stakeholders to continue to recognise the distinct needs of this social group, while also acknowledging that so doing should not be at the expense of others within the community. As such, the authors advocate targeted initiatives aimed at the Roma community alongside development of community-wide services. Communication emerges as key to persuading Roma that community initiatives are for their benefit. The Scottish Government also has a role to play in clearly communicating the message of Roma rights and ethnic minority status to the Scottish public. The Roma community are particularly disadvantaged in the areas of health, housing and education, These issues are devolved thus the report recommends that the Scottish Government should play a more central role in addressing inequalities associated with them. Also see Poole (2010) for an examination of the exclusion and marginalisation experienced by Roma migrants in Scotland.

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Poole, L. and Adamson, K. (2008) Report on the Situation of the Roma Community in Govanhill. Glasgow: Oxfam.








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