Poole (2010) National Action Plans for social inclusion and A8 migrants: The case of the Roma in Scotland


Set in the context of EU enlargement and inclusion policy, Poole (2010) examines the exclusion and marginalisation experienced by Roma migrants in Scotland. The author argues that Roma exclusion will continue while legislative and structural barriers persist. These barriers prohibit full participation in Scottish society and prevent Roma from making a full social contribution. These obstacles are compounded further by evident discrimination and racism, which inhibits policy implementation and prevents service providers from meeting the welfare needs of Scotland’s Roma community. These factors also negatively impact community cohesion. See also Poole and Adamson (2008) for a Glasgow based study of the Roma community, Scottish Government (2013b) for their review of equality and ethnicity in Scotland, Bromley et al. (2007) on research which asked participants in Scotland about their attitudes to discrimination, and for a study of Scottish public attitudes towards migration see McCollum et al. (2014). De Lima (2012) discusses migration, equality and discrimination within the context of social justice.

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Poole, L. (2010) National Action Plans for Social Inclusion and A8 migrants: The case of the Roma in Scotland, Critical Social Policy, Vol.30(2), pp.245-266.








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