Polish Cultural Festival Association (n.d.) The experience of Polish-Scottish integration in Scotland


Drawing upon previous academic and public sector research alongside work with Polish community organisations, this study aims to improve understanding of the integration of Polish migrants. The study is intended as a contribution to Polish-Scottish integration. In addition to providing an explanation of the factors motivating Polish migrants to come to the UK, the report also provides an interesting discussion on what integration actually means and its variety of forms. The report concludes that levels of integration are affected by a variety of socio-demographic factors. Length of stay and motivating factors behind the decision to migrate are all crucial factors in determining the success of failure of a migrant’s integration experience. The study also identifies a link between children enrolled in school and the successful integration of Polish mothers. Social and cultural factors emerge as prominent for this migrant group, along with barriers to progression including language, and inadequate recognition of migrants’ skills and qualifications (For more on Polish integration see also articles by Moskal 2010; Moskal et al. 2010b; Moskal 2013b; and Pietka 2011).

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Polish Cultural Festival Association (n.d.) The experience of Polish-Scottish Integration in Scotland. Available from…








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