Political Papers

COSLA (the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) is the representative voice of Scottish local authorities.  COSLA’s Migration, Population and Diversity team has responsibility for policy issues relating to migration to Scotland in all its forms (including asylum seekers and refugees), human trafficking, population and demographic change, and also provides oversight of equality and human rights issues. COSLA is a cross-party, politically led organisation. The core work of COSLA is progressed through its decision making structures full details of which can be found here.

Convention provides strategic discussion and direction of COSLA. Members reflect the political make-up of every council in COSLA and meet twice a year to set its priorities.

Leaders decide on the key political and resource issues. Local Authority Leaders meet eight times a year to focus on delivering our priorities, and to debate and agree our approach.

COSLA Boards consider policy development and delivery. Decisions on specific services are the job of our four themed Boards, each chaired by a Spokesperson and including a representative from every member council.

Scotland’s Strategic Migration Partnership (SMP) board is a multi-agency group made up of senior representatives of the three spheres of government in Scotland and other key organisations, which meets three times per year to provide strategic oversight to migration issues in Scotland. The group is supported by COSLA using funding provided by the Home Office for this purpose.

Public papers from the Migration Team can be found under the relevant policy area in the sidebar.