Collaborative Masters Project

CSMP developed a collaborative project with Glasgow City Council, in conjunction with GRAMNet, that saw Stephen Dillon, a Masters student from the University of Glasgow, undertake a project to consider the impact that migrant children have had in the city's schools.  There is anecdotal evidence that the presence of migrant children has had a positive impact on attainment levels and has also influenced the approach of teachers and students alike with regard to issues of tolerance and cultural diversity.  The research considered such assertions and sought to build a picture of the actual impact that migrant children have had in Glasgow schools.

The research consisted of document and statistical analysis and interviews, carried out during Summer 2013 and culminated in a one month internship for Stephen with CSMP in Autumn 2013.  This allowed him to convert his academic research into a report and executive summary that can be presented to politicians and officers within COSLA and Glasgow City Council, and to a wider audience.