Lassalle et al. (2011) Polish entrepreneurs in Scotland: Life trajectories, social capital and business strategies


Lassalle et al. (2011) examine the central factors which inform decisions to emigrate, settle and the set up a business as taken by Polish entrepreneurs in Glasgow. The study also explores the entrepreneurs’ relationship with the wider Polish Community. The study finds an interesting dynamic, whereby for Polish entrepreneurs, the Polish community is primarily seen as a marketplace in which they have spotted a business opportunity. Those entrepreneurs who participated in the interviews conducted by Lassalle et al. (2011) had, for the most part, been able to find employment in the UK (by way of agencies in Poland) prior to setting up their business enterprise. Dissatisfaction with the standard of living afforded by their post-migration employment was commonly reported. Polish entrepreneurs relied on their own financial resources to start their business ventures. These entrepreneurs did not rely on wider community support in the start-up phase though such reliance is commonly found among entrepreneurs from other ethnic groups. This study by Lassalle et al. (2011) brings a new understanding to the innovative behaviour of Polish migrant entrepreneurs in Scotland.

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Lassalle, P., Hughes, M. and Helinska-Hughes, E. (2011) Polish Entrepreneurs in Scotland: Life Trajectories, Social Capital and Business Strategies, Studia Migracyjne-Przegląd Polonijny, Vol.37(1), pp.129-52.








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