Deakins et al. (2007) Ethnic minority businesses in Scotland and the role of social capital


Building upon previous research, this Scottish Executive commissioned study by Deakins et al. (2007) discusses social capital and reveals the complexity and relevance of this phenomenon for ethnic minority businesses (EMBs). The study utilises both statistical and interview data. Although most of those who participated in the study where located within Glasgow, interviews were also conducted across Scotland including Edinburgh, Dundee/Forfar, Lowland Scotland, the Central Belt, the Highlands and Islands. The participants reflected the diversity found within EMBs and included respondents of Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese and African ethnicity. The study explored the geographical and ethnic distribution of EMBs in Scotland as well as discussing the sectors - both emergent and traditional - in which they function. The study clearly demonstrates the significance of EMBs for Scotland. It also shows that the role played by social capital is both diverse and complex. See also Deakins et al. (1997) and Deakins et al. (2009).

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Deakins, D., Ishaq, M., Smallbone, D., Whittam, G. and Wyper, J. (2007) Ethnic minority businesses in Scotland and the role of social capital. International Small Business Journal, Vol.25(3), pp.307-326.







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