de Lima (2012) Migration, ‘race’ equality and discrimination: A question of social justice


This paper by de Lima (2012) provides an overview of the background to migration discourse in Scotland. Chiefly, the paper considers the economic impact of Scotland’s ageing population. Setting the discussion within a post-devolution context, the author argues that migration policies should not be based solely on economic drivers, but that principles of social justice should also be taken into account. This must be done in order to address both discrimination towards minority groups and the host community worries about threatened livelihoods. See also Rolfe and Metcalf (2009) which highlights migration’s central place in the Scottish Government’s economic strategy and the Scottish Government (2013b) review on equality outcomes, which covers attitudes to racial discrimination. For a study on Scottish public attitudes towards migration see McCollum et al. (2014) and similarly Bromley et al. (2007).Lewis (2006) examines attitudes found in Scotland towards asylum seekers and refugees.

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de Lima, P. (2012) Migration, ‘race’ equality and discrimination: a question of social justice. In: Mooney, G. and Scott, J. (eds) Social Justice and Social Policy in Scotland. Bristol: Policy Press, pp.97-112.







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