Conway (2011) Migrant workers in Perth & Kinross – The care sector


This report by Conway (2011) reflects the need for Local Authorities to consider the suitability of their services in light of migrant trends to ensure both resources are available and services are suitable for migrants to access: and reflects Perth and Kinross’s position as a prominent destination for migrant workers arriving to the UK. The report presents detail of survey work completed on the areas independent care sector (identified as a major employer of migrant workers) and its key findings. Statistical data is provided on workforce demographics, which includes the age of employees and length of service, their roles within the care sector, their country of origin, and whether recruitment was completed by way of an agency or directly by an employer. Although the survey was extensive, it should be noted that it was not exhaustive as not all providers responded – nonetheless, it identifies legislative loopholes within the vetting process of migrant workers within the independent care sector.

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Conway, G. (2011) Migrant Workers in Perth & Kinross – The Care Sector. Perth: Perth & Kinross Council.







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