Bailey et al. (1995) Pakistanis in Scotland: Census data and research issues


Bailey et al (1995) highlight the significant place of the Pakistani community in Scotland as a distinct population group, particularly in terms of demographics, housing and career/occupation compared to Scotland’s wider population. Drawing upon 1991 Census data, the study examines the household composition and economic position of Scotland’s Pakistanis in addition to shedding light on their pattern of settlement across Scotland. The authors find distinct patterns emerge from the data which suggest a notable contrast with those of the general Scottish population. Although dating from 1995, the authors’ inclusion of a historical background the study provides a useful insight into one of Scotland’s important ethnic minority communities. For more on Scotland’s Pakistani community, see an earlier study by Bowes et al. (1990a) and a subsequent study by Saeed et al. (1999) which focuses on issues of identity among Glasgow’s Pakistani teenagers.

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Bailey, N., Bowes, A., and Sim, D. (1995) Pakistanis in Scotland: Census data and research issues. The Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol.111(1), pp.36-45.








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