Bailey et al. (1994) The Chinese community in Scotland


Although conducted over two decades ago, Bailey et al (1994) provide analysis of Scotland’s Chinese community, focusing on their economic and employment characteristics; housing and household structure; and analysis of urban settlement patterns. Drawing upon the 1991 Scottish census data, the authors also provide a brief but interesting historical background to Chinese migration to the UK and later arrival to Scotland. There is also a discussion of the debate over whether or not the Chinese can be said to constitute a community. Based upon the study’s findings, the authors reflect upon policy considerations which could best meet the needs of Scotland’s Chinese population in a culturally sensitive manner. The study was – and still is - viewed very much as a starting point in terms of researching this community. It highlights the presence in Scotland of a significantly under researched and distinct ethnic minority.

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Bailey, N., Bowes, A., and Sim, D. (1994) The Chinese community in Scotland. The Scottish Geographical Magazine, Vol.110(2), pp.66-75.








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