Sim and Bowes (2007) Asylum Seekers in Scotland: The accommodation of diversity


With a focus on the city of Glasgow, Sim and Bowes (2007) explore the experience of asylum seekers who arrived in the city as a result of the UK Government's dispersal policy. The authors provide contextual background which shows that, in 2001, Glasgow was far less ethnically diverse than other major cities in England. By 2004, however, numbers of asylum seekers in the city far exceeded those of any other local authority in the UK. Against this backdrop, Sim and Bowes (2007) explore the question of whether or not it is possible for Glasgow to function as a new centre of multiculturalism which is conducive to the long term settlement of asylum seekers. Given the city’s limited experience of multiculturalism, the authors seek to understand the conditions that need to be in place in order to aid this process. In their analysis, Sim and Bowes (2007) incorporate information gathered through interviews with asylum seekers. The authors also include the views of service providers, and community and voluntary organisations.

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Sim and Bowes (2007) Asylum Seekers in Scotland: The Accommodation of Diversity. Social Policy & Administration, Vol.41(7), pp.729-746.







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