Molnár (2011) The integration process of immigrants in Scotland, UK and in Washington


Molnár (2011) provides a comparative study of migrant integration, focusing on the experiences of migrants moving from former Soviet Union countries to the UK (Scotland) and the USA (Washington). The researcher gathered survey data from questionnaires completed by both migrants and local participants within the host countries, in conjunction with interviews with both migrants and local authorities, to closely examine the integration process. The study provides an interesting account of how such integration processes and acculturation are impacted on by the attitudes and characteristics of the host society but also of the attitudes of migrants themselves. As such, the author argues such factors can play a significant positive or negative role for individuals during the period of integration. This comparative study clearly demonstrates both that integration is a complex phenomenon and the important place immigration holds within contemporary societies throughout the world, accompanied by subsequent benefits and tensions.

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Molnár, J. (2011) The integration Process of Immigrants in Scotland, UK and in Washington. In: Brie, M., Horga, I. and SIPOS, S. (eds) Ethnicity, Confession and Intercultural Dialogue at the European Union's Eastern Border. Debrecen: Debreceni Egyetem Press, pp.201-217.








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