Thematic Event (February 2015)

We hosted a thematic event at the COSLA Conference Centre in Edinburgh on Thursday 26th February 2015. The purpose of the event was threefold:

1. To outline learning from the project's local engagement activities and facilitate further dialogue between migrants and local authorities;
2. To test user preferences for a refreshed migration policy toolkit that is being developed as part of the project; and
3. To showcase the new migration policy database that was launched on the day.

The conference was attended by approximately 100 delegates representing local authorities and other statutory services, the third sector and academia, as well as a number of migrants and migrant community representatives from across the country.  The morning session included thematic group discussions focused on a number of the key themes that have been picked up through the project's engagement activities to date, while the afternoon's discussions were designed to gather information that will support the development of the new migration policy toolkit.

The full agenda for the event can be accessed by clicking here, while the Powerpoint slides from the presentations that were provided can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

Welcoming Migrants: A Local Authority Perspective (Councillor Archie MacLellan, Equality and Diversity Lead, Perth & Kinross Council)
Introducing the Migration Matters Scotland Project (Andrew Morrison, COSLA)
Making Sense of the Census and Using Migration Data (Cecilia Macintyre, National Records of Scotland)
Revising the COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership Toolkit (Katy MacMillan, ODS Consulting)