Final Launch Event (June 2015)

In June 2015 COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership hosted a dissemination event to showcase the outcomes of the European Integration Fund co-financed Migration Matters Scotland project. The dissemination event saw the launch of the new Migration Policy Toolkit, a web based guidance resource providing information for local authority officers and community planning partners working with migrants to Scotland. In addition the event comprised presentations on the progress of the MMS project and, of a report comissioned from the National Records of Scotland. 

A panel led discussion followed these presentations, providing an opportunity for those present to discuss the ways in which the learning from the MMS project might be taken forward in the future. The event was attended by approximatley 50 delegates representing local authorities and other statutory services, the third sector and academia. in addition a number of migrants and migrant community representatives also joined us for the launch and discussion.  

Slides from the presentations at the event can be accessed below:

Scotland's 2011 Census (Celia Macintyre, National Records of Scotland)  

MMS Project Launch Event (Andrew Morrison, COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership)

MMS Toolkit Launch (Katy MacMillan, ODS Consulting)

In addtion, the MMS project was presented at Learning Unlimited's EIF co-financed conference event which took place on 5th June in London. 

Slides for the Learning Unlimited conference can be accessed here (Sophie Mamattah, Project Officer MMS - COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership).