Project Background

The Migration Matters Scotland project, funded through the European Integration Fund, ran from December 2013 through to June 2015. It sought to build capacity across the different spheres of government in Scotland, and reinforce the ability of partners to implement and evaluate strategies and policies for migrants. It also aimed to support migrants to participate in the formulation and implementation of policies that affect them.

The project’s key objectives and activities were to:

  • Seek to gain a better understanding of the integration needs of migrants by developing and piloting models of engagement with them in a number of pilot local authorities in Scotland. A final report of our engagement activities can be accessed here
  • Evaluate the Policy Toolkit that CSMP had previously developed to support local authorities in relation to their migrant populations, and also evaluate the engagement activities referred to above. You can read the evaluation reports by clicking on the following links: Toolkit Evaluation and Engagement Evaluation
  • Develop a new policy resources for local authorities and their partners as they seek to support the integration of migrants in Scotland.  The new resource - an online Migration Policy Toolkit - can also be accessed on our homepage, here
  • Establish a baseline of information in relation to the integration of migrants in Scotland. This was achieved by creating an online searchable database of research, policy and practice that seeks to improve information sharing and understanding between policy makers, practitioners and researchers in this field. You can search the database using the various options in the search bar at the top of our homepage
  • Commission a report by National Records of Scotland (NRS) that provides councils and their community planning partners with statistical information on Scotland's migrant population and shows them ways in which they can utilise census data in order to assist them wth local service planning.  The report can be accessed on the NRS website here, while the statistical tables can also be accessed in Excel format here
  • Disseminate the learning from the project to as wide an audience as possible through the hosting of a national thematic event outlining the learning from the local engagement activities, and a national conference at the end of the project which launched the various resources described above. The thematic event took place on 26th February 2015 and the final conference on 4th June 2015.