Building good relations

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6. Building good relations

6.5 Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship is a policy mechanism that can encourage migrants and their families to integrate in the UK.  You can find out more about the criteria for becoming a British citizen from the UK Government website.

People applying for British citizenship are now required to prove their knowledge of English and pass a ‘Life in the UK’ Test.   

Citizenship ceremonies are the final stage in the process for becoming a British citizen.  These ceremonies are organised by local authorities and conducted by registrars or assistant registrars.  The ceremony is intended to celebrate the significance of becoming a British citizen, and welcome the new citizen into his or her community.  

You might want to consider ways of making citizenship ceremonies more significant by:

  • holding them in important local buildings;
  • encouraging elected members to attend ceremonies; 
  • involving local children and young people in ceremonies; and 
  • publicising ceremonies in the local press.

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You can find out more about British citizenship from the UK government.