Policy Toolkit

In 2010 CSMP produced a Migration Policy Toolkit (PDF) to support local authorities to develop a more strategic response to migration. The Toolkit aimed to help local authorities and their community planning partners to develop a better understanding of the demographic challenges in their areas and plan strategies for using migration as a mechanism to counteract the difficulties they were facing. We also worked closely with a number of individual authorities and supported them in using the Toolkit as a means of developing their own migration strategies. You can read case studies of our work by clicking on the following links: Shetland Islands (PDF), Glasgow City (PDF) and Dumfries and Galloway (PDF).

In 2014 we engaged a consultancy company through our MMS project in order to evaluate the Toolkit and inform the development of a new resource designed to meet the needs of local authorities and their community planning partners going forward. The consultants' report (Word) suggested that the new resource should include more case studies highlighting examples of inititiatives for migrants that have worked well across Scotland. It also suggested that the new resource should be web-based and more modular and interactive in nature. Based on these recommendations, along with expert advice from our project advisors, we worked with the consultants to create a new online Migration Policy Toolkit which we launched at the end of the MMS project in June 2015.