1.3 How to use this guide

This guide has been designed to be used flexibly. 

You can use the Contents Page to quickly get to the sections which are most relevant to you.  

The guide also provides:

  • Local examples –  of how those involved in the planning or delivery of ESOL have approached particular challenges or tasks.  These are shown in the relevant sections of the guide.
  • Materials and tools – information, learning resources or tools practitioners have used in delivering ESOL to refugees being resettled in Scotland.  A list of learning and teaching materials recommended by practitioners can be found in Section 6 of this guide.
  • Further reading – sources of further information or advice are identified in relevant sections of the guide.
  • Reflective questions – prompt questions for you or a wider group to consider, which may help you review and improve your planning or practice.  These are available throughout the guide.