Our Resource Directory

Our Resource Directory allows you to search for local resources and and services for migrants, including asylum seekers and refugees, in your area or anywhere in Scotland. If you click on 'Resource Directory' so that it is highlighted in blue in the bar at the top of our homepage, you can then search by keyword or by location. You can also search via the 'tag cloud' on the homepage, again by clicking on the phrase 'Resource Directory' that appears above the cloud, and then clicking on any of the key words that you see in the cloud itself. Our directory is powered by ALISS, a search and collaboration tool for health and wellbeing resources in Scotland. You can find out more about ALISS by clicking here.

If you are involved in or are aware of a migration-related organisation which provides services in Scotland that is not included on our list, please let us know using the Contact Us form which can be accessed here. To be included on our list, the organisation or service will also have to be listed on the main ALISS database. You can find information about how details can be added to that by visiting www.aliss.org.