Asylum Seekers

The large majority of asylum seekers in Scotland live in Glasgow as this is currently the only local authority area in Scotland where dispersed asylum seekers are accommodated.  Outside Glasgow, there are a small number of applicants who are able to support themselves as they await a decision on their application.

As of December 2014, there are approximately 3,300 individuals receiving accommodation and support in Glasgow. This is approximately 11% of the total dispersed asylum seeker population in the UK.  Approximately 80% of the applicants in the city are in receipt of Section 95 support from the Home Office.  This is provided to asylum seekers who are unable to support themselves while they are awaiting a decision on their application.  The remaining 20% receive Section 4 support.  This is more limited support provided to people who have had their application for asylum rejected and are waiting to return to their country of origin.

There are currently asylum seekers from around 70 different countries being housed in Glasgow. The largest number come from the Peoples Republic of China, followed by Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria and Eritrea.  Approximately 60% are individuals seeking asylum, while 40% come with their families. In terms of gender, 60% of main applicants are male and 40% are female. 

Unfortunately there is an information gap about asylum seekers once they have been granted refugee status.  It would be useful to have a clearer picture in this regard.  For instance, there is a lack of information on whether or not individuals and families move to different local authority areas following being granted status and on the types of employment that are taken up and whether or not these match skill sets.