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Yu (2000) Chinese older people: A need for social inclusion in two communities This study highlights the impact on the quality of life of elderly Chinese people living in Scotland as a result of difficulties in accessing mainstream public services and inadequate levels of support from within the Chinese community. Incorporating Glasgow within a comparative context with other areas within the UK which have Chinese communities, Yu (2000) examines this vulnerable group through analysis of data gathered from workers within the community care sector and interviews with elderly Chinese themselves. The paper examines a range of related issues such as gender specific problems, self-esteem, Chinese culture and traditional values, lifelong learning, social participation and the social networks they rely on. Yu (2000) provides recommendations for improved policy and practice to facilitate the inclusion of this group fully within both the Chinese community and Scottish society. For more work on this under-researched ethnic group, see also an earlier study by Bailey et al (1994) which provides analysis of Scotland’s Chinese community. Read More Visit site Free TCN Glasgow City, UK Book