Scotland’s Gypsy/Traveller communities experience high levels of racism and discrimination and extra barriers to accessing local authority services. COSLA is supporting Scottish Government to develop a programme of work to promote equality for Gypsy/Traveller communities.  

Our team has previously worked with Scottish Government to produce guidance for local authorities on improving the quality of Gypsy/Traveller sites and managing unauthorised encampments. A number of documents have been published in relation to this work:

We also created an elected member briefing note on Gypsy/Travellers (PDF) in March 2017 to improve understanding of the issues faced by this community and to raise awareness of new policy guidance. 

The Scottish Government’s Race Equality Action Plan (published December 2017) has put a renewed emphasis on the rights of Gypsy/Travellers and the need to improve outcomes for this community in Scotland. COSLA is working with local authorities to identify best practice approaches to support the Gypsy/Traveller community and to develop solutions to overcome any issues they face.