Scotland's Demographics

 20-09-18 - CWB Board - Migration and Population

20-06-19 - CWB Board - Migration Advisory Committee call for evidence on skills shortages 

19-02-22 - Leaders - Post-Brexit Immigration System

18-11-30 - Leaders - Local Authority Work to Tackle Depopulation


19-11-08 CWB Board Response to MAC Salary Threshold and Points Based System Consultation

See our response here.


17-12-15 - CWB Board - Migration Advisory Committee response

Appendix 1

The Community Wellbeing Board approved COSLA’s response to the MAC call for evidence on European Economic Area (EEA) workers in the UK labour market.


13-12-11 COSLA Migration Advisory Committee Response 

COSLA's response to the MAC call for evidence on the review of migrant employment in low skilled work.