Equalities and Human Rights Papers

19-09-27 Family leave Guidance was developed by COSLA’s Barriers to Elected Office Special Interest Group and approved by Council Leaders in September 2019 for adoption by Councils on a voluntary basis. Guidance available here.

19-05-03 - CWB Board - Response to First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human Rights Leadership 

The CWB Board were invited to discuss the content of the draft response and endorse the principles within the response.

19-03-09 - CWB board - Preparing COSLA’s Response to the Recommendations of the First Minister’s Advisory Group on Human  Rights Leadership

The board agreed that COSLA should be represented on the Task Force that Scottish Government will establish to take forward the recommendations; supported the continuation of COSLA’s work with the Scottish Councils Equality Network to develop a response to the recommendations; and agreed that a full draft response to the recommendations is brought to the May meeting of the Board for endorsement.

18-12-17 - CWB board - Human rights and equality

The board was updated on developments relating to human rights and equalities and agreed that COSLA continues to work with the First Minister's Advisory Group, and to respond to the EHRC consultation.


18-12-14 - COSLA Convention - Achieving Gender Equality in Scottish Local Government

Convention was invited to: i. Note the important work that COSLA has undertaken to promote gender equality across Local Government; and ii. Support continued efforts to promote gender equality across Local Government and the work planned for 2019.