The Improvement Service (2012) Elected Member Briefing Note No.15: Migration


The Improvement Service Briefing Note on the topic of migration, developed by COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership, is primarily designed to provide local government elected members with an accessible information resource providing clarification of some key definitions and terminology. The note also gives an overview of migration in the UK and Scotland. In addition, relevant statistical data is provided along with an outline of some of the impacts of migration and evidence to counter some of the supposedly negative consequences of migration, for example, the strain placed on the welfare and benefits system, public services or employment and wages. Some analysis of public opinion towards migration is also provided. The analysis highlights the current saliency of the topic in the UK and gives a brief outline of current political positions on immigration. While the document is intended for briefing elected members, it is nonetheless a compact and useful account which summarises key points regarding migration to Scotland. It is, therefore, of potential benefit to a wider audience.

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The Improvement Service. (2012) Elected Member Briefing Note No.15: Migration. Broxburn: Improvement Service.







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