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Tindal et al. (2014a) The changing significance of EU and international students’ participation in Scottish higher education This working paper authored by Tindal et al (2014a) explores the importance to Scottish higher education of students coming from other countries to study at Scottish institutions. The paper draws attention to the important economic position the Higher education sector holds within the Scottish economy (being proportionately higher than elsewhere within the UK) and contends that unless higher education participation increases then Scottish domiciled student numbers will fall – therefore demographic differences within student populations are of central importance. Students arriving from beyond the European Union, as well as within the European Union and the rest of the UK have been the main reason for increased student numbers within Scottish Higher education institutions over a sustained period. For that reason, Tindal et al (2014a) argue that it is vital that such students continue to enter Scottish institutions in increasing numbers to sustain the overall size of the student population in Scotland for the years ahead. Read More Visit site Free Student, TCN, EU Scotland Independent research