Asylum seekers and refugees


On 25/03/2020 The Home Office shared a Frequently Asked Questions document on resettlement to the UK. 



SERVICE UPDATE: Issued by Glasgow City Council Thurs 19 March 15:3

Glasgow School closures and provision of food and resources

Schools will be closed from the beginning of next week (Mon 23/03/20).  There is no date when schools will reopen but it may not be until after the summer holidays.  Glasgow City Council will no longer be accepting new enrolments while schools are closed.  


Individual schools are sending information about home learning to their children. Some additional resources can be found on Glasgow City Council GDSS website HERE


The Glasgow Times will be publishing resources and ideas which will be accessible to families who don’t have internet access.  This will include ideas for children who are new to English and activities that parents and children can do together.

Education Services in Glasgow will be providing free school meals to vulnerable families in schools throughout the city.  This service will be available in a number of schools across the city.  Children of asylum seeking families would be eligible for this, including those who have recently arrived and have not been able to enrol in school. 



SERVICE UPDATE: Issued by Home Office Wed 18 March 12:00

Reporting Requirements

UKVI Reporting and Offender Management (ROM) Team have now confirmed reporting frequencies for reportees in light of the COVID-19 developing situation.  The decision taken is that they will initially suspend reporting for all reportees and an SMS message will be sent out to reportees shortly advising them of this – see below in bold. The agreement is that reporting will be suspended for Non Foreign National Offenders (FNOs) for 3 months.  For FNOs, they will all be moved to monthly reporting.  UKVI will then, via SMS, inform reportees of the change to their reporting and when they should next report.


SMS Message: 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, your bail condition requiring you to report has temporarily been suspended.  The other conditions of your bail still apply. We will text you nearer the time with a date of when you are required to report back to your local reporting centre.  For up to date information on COVID-19 please go to   



SERVICE UPDATE: Issued by the Home Office Wed 18 March 08:40

Further Submissions

Applicants wanting to make further submissions can send them in via post, or via e-mail to our inbox. They should not travel to Liverpool to hand them in.


Postal address:


The Capital Building

Old Hall Street


L3 9PP

E-mail address:


This new process will be a temporary measure due to the Coronavirus problems. We will notify you all when the temporary process is going to end.

We will be updating the messages on the website, on our phones and on our inboxes. We will send a message to all applicants who have already booked an appointment.



Temporary suspension of resettlement programmes

On 17th of March, resettlement programmes operated in the UK, including the Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme, the Vulnerable Children Resettlement Programme and Gateway Programme have been suspended until further notice. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the UNHCR and IOM released the below statement:

“As countries drastically reduce entry into their territories owing to the COVID-19 global health crisis, and restrictions around international air travel are introduced, travel arrangements for resettling refugees are currently subject to severe disruptions. Some States have also placed a hold on resettlement arrivals given their public health situation, which impacts on their capacity to receive newly resettled refugees.

Refugee families are being directly impacted by these quickly evolving regulations in the course of their travel, with some experiencing extensive delays while others have been stranded or separated from family members.

In addition, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and IOM, the International Organization for Migration, are concerned that international travel could increase the exposure of refugees to the virus.

As a result, IOM and UNHCR are taking steps to suspend resettlement departures for refugees. This is a temporary measure that will be in place only for as long as it remains essential.

As resettlement remains a life-saving tool for many refugees, UNHCR and IOM are appealing to States, and working in close coordination with them, to ensure that movements can continue for the most critical emergency cases wherever possible. The suspension will begin to take effect within the next few days as the two agencies attempt to bring those refugees who have already cleared all formalities to their intended destinations.

Resettlement provides a vital lifeline for particularly vulnerable refugees, and IOM and UNHCR will continue their work in refugee-hosting countries, in collaboration with all relevant partners, to ensure that the processing of cases for resettlement continues. We will also remain in close contact with refugees themselves and all of the agencies that work to support the use of resettlement as a critical protection measure.

Both agencies look forward to resuming full resettlement travel as soon as prudence and logistics permit.”

The statement was published on UNHCR website. 




SERVICE UPDATE: Scottish Refugee Council

To help protect the health of everyone the community Scottish Refugee Council temporarily changed the way we run services. From Friday 13 March 2020, full advice service is provided by phone and access to offices is limited to absolutely essential appointments only. For more information visit SRC website.  


updated: 30/03/2020